NO. 07 | lament

ANL No7: Lament is a 15 minute guided journey into the historic practice of lament. Through music, prayer, spiritual direction, and the wisdom of scripture, this recording helps us create holy space wherever we find ourselves. 

If we don’t learn how to weep over the broken parts of our lives and the brokenness of the world, we will further break our lives and the world. 

But another way is possible. Are you ready to stop running, enter into the pain, weep with Christ, and begin to be set free?  

Free download for anyone who wants it. 


Producer and songwriter: Aaron Niequist
Mixed by Phil Schawel
Mastered by Ivan Talamantes
Lament content and spoken word: Jenna Perrine
Co-producer, vocalist, and guitars: David Gungor
Co-producer, guitars, and sonic goodness: Israel Hermosillo
Vocals on "Lament": Fatai
Cello: Dave Cambell
Violin: Kate Gungor
Piano: Aaron Niequist

(words & music: Aaron Niequist © Aaronieq Music)
Taken from the album NINE BEATS TO THE BAR
This recording © 2017 Lifewords. Used with permission


thank you for pain | Aaron Niequist

I bring You my pain
I bring You my sorrow
I bring You my shame
The threat of tomorrow

I've heard that You're close to the 
Broken-hearted and near to the cries of the poor
Well prove it, I'm on the floor
I’ll wait


Step 1
Holy, Loving God,
We cry out to you,
in the depths of our despair,
in the chaos of our crisis,
in the anguish of our agony,
We cry out your name…

Step 2
Lord, can you hear us?
We are weary and worn out,             
broken and beaten,
heartbroken, and hungry
for justice, relief, healing, love.
We speak to you our pain…

Step 3
Holy, Loving God,
We know you are the God who hears,         
Who bends low to listen,
Who draws near to heal,
Who carries our crises,
And who has walked in our skin. 
We affirm our trust in you….

I bring You my pain
I bring You my sorrow
I bring You my shame
The threat of tomorrow

Step 4
Lord, help us, 
Save us,
Do not abandon us here.f
If you are indeed the God
who is close to the broken hearted, 
Draw close,
Show up,
Heal this!
We beg for your help and intervention…

Step 5
Lord, can you hear us? 
Our brokenness is ever before us,
Yes - we too have caused pain,
We are not blameless in your sight – 
But this storm has raged against us,
We cannot go on like this.
We share with you the story of our pain…

Step 6
We cannot ignore the face of our pain, 
The source of our injustice, 
The inflictor of this wound. 
Their face is ever before us, 
Let your justice roll down upon them. 
We speak our yearning for your justice
on behalf of our enemies…

Lament | Aaron Niequist

Broken, beauty crying out
Comfort, everything is not
Hope is on holiday,
The Angels say:


Lost and, never really gone
Or known
Carried, grateful to be found
Echoes of holy 
Innocence unknown...


Step 7
EL SHAMA, indeed you hear us. 
You welcome our words
You are patient with our prayers
You hold our hurts.
You are the God who has always heard our cries.
We thank you for hearing us…

Step 8
Holy, Loving God, 
We humbly offer ourselves,
In worship and love to you.
You are forever deserving of praise. 
We promise our praise to you…

Should I thank you for pain?
Should I thank you for sorrow?
I’ll bring You my shame
The threat of tomorrow

Thank you for all that can finally grow
In the soil of death and despair
And thank you for meeting me here.
Thank you for meeting me here.

Step 9
Even when the darkness closes in, 
Your love endures forever,
Your hand covers and protects,
Your light makes it possible to see.
We will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
If You are with us, 
Who can stand against us.  
We proclaim who you are to the world…

Thank you for doubt
Thanks for despair
When options run out
For mercifully unanswered prayers

Thank you for all that can finally grow
In the soil of death and despair
And thank you for meeting me there.

Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost
But now I’m found
Was blind but now I see

Thank you for all that is possible
In the space that pain can create
I cling to amazing grace 
And wait and wait