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Get the first five liturgies (both download and physical CDs), plus many many extras: Remix EP 1-3, four videos, “Creation (live on a Sunday)" recording, and chord charts.

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No. 06 The Examen

A 28 minute journey to help us find God’s fingerprints in our actual life.

On a Sunday night in May, Father Michael Sparough, SJ, guided The Practice community through the historic Christian practice of The Examen. The night was powerful and so unexplainably holy that we wanted to invite more people into the experience. So we've turned the live recording of Fr Michael into a full New Liturgy—fleshing it out with an evocative musical score and three original songs. We hope it helps you connect with God in a deep and daily way.

Because this is such a powerful practice and Father Michael has been so gracious, we are offering the liturgy in two forms...

(1) A New Liturgy No 6: The Examen - a digital download of the full 28 minute Examen liturgy.

(2) ANL No 6: The Examen Expanded Edition - a digital download and physical CD of the Examen liturgy, plus a number of extras to help you go deeper with The Examen and deeper with God...
- Audio: An Abbreviated Examen - a ten minute, mostly instrumental version of the Examen.
- Audio: The Cross Meditation - a ten minute guided meditation on the Sign of the Cross.
- Teaching: St Ignatius and The Examen - Fr Michael Sparough teaches on the history of The Examen.
- Teaching: The Five Steps of The Examen - Fr Michael Sparough teaches through the steps of The Examen.
- Video: A conversation with Fr Michael Sparough and Aaron Niequist about The Examen, spiritual direction, and learning from other Christian traditions.

Lyrics and Charts Coming Soon


Please Speak Aaron Niequist

Please speak, Your servant is listening
Please speak, Your servant is listening
Please speak, Your servant is listening
Your servant is listening
O Hosanna

from 1 Samuel 3:7-11


Thank You Aaron Niequist

Every good and perfect gift is from Your hand
Every beautiful and holy gift
May we always find a way to welcome it
Every good and perfect gift is from Your hand

And we say:
Thank You, Thank You,
Thank You, Thank You,
Thank You, Thank You,
Thank You, Thank You.

from James 1:17


Kingdom Come Aaron Niequist

May Your Kingdom come
May Your will be done
May Your Kingdom come
In us
May Your love be shown
May Your nearness known
May Your Kingdom come
Through us
Through us


from Matthew 6:10


Produced by Aaron Niequist
Music arranged, recorded, and mixed by Aaron Ruse
Examen practice guided by Fr Michael Sparough, SJ, (live on 05.04.14 at The Practice) 
Mastered by Nick Moon at Tone Proper

Aaron Ruse - all acoustic guitars, some electric guitars, bass, glock, hand claps, and vocal “ahs"
Aaron Niequist - piano, harmonium 
Nathan Yaccino - electric guitars and percussion on “Kingdom Come"
Ben Greeno - drums
Ethan Nickerson - vocals on “Thank You” and “Kingdom Come"
Becky Ykema - vocals on “Please Speak"